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AlloyGator™ Wheel Protectors are super tough nylon composite rings which fit directly between the rim of your alloy wheel and tyre and provide an unrivalled, world leading, protective barrier against scratches and scuffs caused by kerbs and potholes. Designed to become an integrated part of your car wheel and tyre, AlloyGator™ Wheel Protection relies on patented locking technology and stainless-steel clips ensuring a secure fit 360 degrees around the circumference of the wheel. This means that AlloyGator™ have a much longer lifespan than other wheel rim protection products, as they are able to sustain multiple impacts without the need to be changed in most cases. MIRA (Motor Industry Research Association) and TUV approved, AlloyGator™ Wheel Protection is the only wheel rim protection product on the market which has been vigorously safety and quality tested in a variety of road conditions and environments to give our customers added piece on mind.

AlloyGator™ at Zoomm

We're the local dealer and fitter of the fantastic AlloyGator™! If you're yet to hear about this product, it is a new, stylish way to protect your alloy wheels from minor scratches and knocks. Available in a variety of colours, these tough nylon rings fit securely between your tyres and wheels to provide an extra shield of protection. The AlloyGator™ come in 15 different colours ranging from the more discrete Black, Silver and Grey, to your brighter Red, Orange and even Glow in the Dark!

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Something For Everyone

AlloyGator™ is available in 15 different colours and will fit rim sizes 12-24 inches for 98% of all wheel and tyre combinations. They're made from reinforced nylon, so they're tough enough to protect your expensive rims. All colours are the same price – See Below!.




Glow in the Dark




Light Blue








Get Protected Now

Get your alloy wheels protected by your local registered Approved AlloyGator™ fitter. The complete AlloyGator™ fitting process here at ZoomMotors will take approx. 1 hour. We are based and cover the North West London area. However, all areas of London are covered by other official trade partners of AlloyGator™. For full details, go Any AlloyGator™ sets are available at ZoomMotors in rim sizes between 12-24 inches Price list for supply and fit: Rim Sizes:

  • Full Set (fitted): £125
  • Single replacement fitted £45.00

Try our Colour Selector

See how AlloyGators would look with your car colour and wheels! Give it some fresh paint, style the wheels and then add some contrasting AlloyGators! Make them stand out or go discreet…it’s your choice!

What is AlloyGator™ Exclusive?

This is the current AlloyGator™ Exclusive, not the old discontinued version.

The difference between AlloyGator™ Exclusive vs original that the current version has extra teeth that provide better grip with the wheel, as well as a smoother, rounded finish on the outer edge (as opposed to the apex edge in the previous version which jutted out at an angle).

They look better, and work better, enhancing AlloyGator™ as the leading brand in alloy protection.Protect against kerb damage today with AlloyGator™ Exclusive.

Why buy from an AlloyGator™ Official Trade Partner?

As an official trade partner of AlloyGator™, you can expect the highest possible service from ZoomMotors accompanied alongside expectational UK patented products.

Here at ZoomMotors our AlloyGator™ fitters have been trained by AlloyGator™ inhouse on a one to one basis.

We have full access to technical support and customer service.

AlloyGator™ are a global leader in alloy wheel protection and are continually expanding. ZoomMotors’ partnership will ensure these products availability for you.

AlloyGator™ Alloy Wheel Protectors are unmatched in value, priced at £125.00 fitted. AlloyGator™ are not providing basic Alloy Wheel Tape. Instead, this superior product, is manufactured from hard wearing Nylon and includes a patented locking system, to ensure alloy wheel protection.