Vehicle Servicing

Our Workshop is fully equipped to service and maintain all vehicles. Our staff are dealer trained with over 20 years’ experience on numerous manufactures including Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW, Toyota and Honda. We are passionate about our service standards and always complete each service to the highest possible standard. Having your vehicle serviced on a regular basis will help to identify any faults and worn components, making it possible to rectify before a minor defect becomes a serious fault. Here at Zoomm we offer 2 service packages, Dealer Schedule servicing, using genuine parts and approved lubricants. We also offer Level servicing, ranging from Level 1 to Level 4 servicing.

Level 1 Service - £110.00

This is our smallest service, which includes an engine oil and filter change*. This service also includes a number of checks, inspections and adjustments

Level 2 Service - £130.00

This Service includes all level 1 items, with an air filter replacement. This service has additional checks, inspections and adjustments which are not covered in Level 1 Service

Level 3 Service - £180.00

This Service includes all Level 2 items, with a pollen filter and spark plugs replacement*. This service has additional checks, inspections and adjustments which are not covered in Level 2 Service

Level 4 Service £230.00

This is our Largest Service, which includes replacement of all filters, including a fuel filter (where applicable). A Full diagnostic test and report is carried out. This service comprises of a full comprehensive checks, inspections and adjustments list.

Level Servicing

Items Level 1 (£110) Level 2 (£130) Level 3 (£180) Level 4 (£230)
Note any body damage
Fit car protection kit
Check operation of all lights
Check operation of horn
Check operation of wiper blades
Check operation of windscreen washers
Top up washer fluid
Drain & refill engine oil
Replace engine oil filter & sump washer
Inspection of brake pipes and fuel lines
Inspection of exhaust system
Inspection of front brake pads
Inspection of rear brake pads/shoes
- Remove brake drums if required
Inspection of cooling system for leaks
Inspection of auxiliary drive belts
Check antifreeze
Check all fluid levels
Check battery condition - Medtronic’s Tester
Inspect tyres and set pressures
Report on tyre tread depths
Road test brakes
Road test steering
Road test suspension
Road test engine & transmission
Road test heating system
Road test check for abnormal noises
Complete technicians report form
Note any additional work required
Wash & vacuum

Level 2 + Features

Items Level 1 (£110) Level 2 (£130) Level 3 (£180) Level 4 (£230)
Renew air filter
Check and adjust idle speed
Check front & rear suspension
Check driveshaft’s and gaiters
Check track rod ends and ball joints
Check and adjust handbrake

Level 3+ Features

Items Level 1 (£110) Level 2 (£130) Level 3 (£180) Level 4 (£230)
Renew spark plugs (not iridium)*
Renew pollen filter
Check wheel bearings
Check and top up gearbox oil level
Check operation of electric side windows
Check operation of central locking
Check operation of door mirrors
Check operation of heated rear screen
Inspect underbody for corrosion or Damage

Level 4 + Features

Items Level 1 (£110) Level 2 (£130) Level 3 (£180) Level 4 (£230)
Carry out diagnostic test and report
Carry out manufactures know fault data checks
Check brake fluid Condition
Check Gearbox oil level and oil condition
Check Diff oil level and oil condition
Grease all grease points (hubs & propshafts)
Replace fuel filter (where applicable)

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