Mercedes Benz G Wagon’s are known to have a common Chassis failure, where rust and corrosion attacks the rear shock absorber console mounting points, causing them to crack and brake away from the G Wagon’s ladder chassis. When this takes place the ladder tubes, top spring console mounts and lower spring console mounts are normally in poor condition requiring replacement or repair also.

Fortunately, most parts are still available from Mercedes Benz. However, the chassis tubes are not available, so we fabricated them from heavy gauge, high quality materials and machine then as a telescopic fit, Spreading the load from the repair area.

We performed a modification to the new shock absorber console mounts, closing the open ends which allow water ingress causing the part to rust and corrode from the inside.

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More images of the restoration project are just below

That is the shock absorber mount, which is a common failure point, along with the spring-mount tower, next to it. (It illustrates why it is important to pressure-wash and waxoyl your chassis regularly, or winter road salt will eventually eat away at the exposed points, like these shock absorber mounts.)